How Endeavors Veteran Wellness Center increased capabilities to serve veterans and their families

Image of Endeavors Headquarters in San Antonio, TX.

How SKG increased Endeavors capabilities to serve Veterans and their families.

+ Client: Endeavors

+ Location: San Antonio, TX

+ Size: 30,000 sq. ft.

+ Scope: Two-floor project designed to serve as a standards footprint for future spaces. The building included an expansive Veteran Wellness Center, clinics and offices. SKG delivered 100% of the vastly diverse furniture package.



“Interesting to see the big group of people willing to jump in… there really wasn’t anyone who passed the buck. If there was ever a question, there were always people at SKG working together to solve.”

-Laura Syth Interior Designer-RVK Architecture



Rendering of an open floor plan with lounge seating and cafe areas.

Rendering of a workstation with privacy and shelving; back view.

Rendering of a workstation with privacy and shelving; front view.


With over 50 years of service, Endeavors is a national provider of supportive services for Veterans and their families. With main offices located in San Antonio, they additionally serve over 100 counties across Texas and the rest of the country, focusing on four pillars of care to help people in need:

+ Provide Veteran Support and Mental Healthcare for veterans and their families

+ Provide Disaster Relief and Emergency Services in FEMA declared disasters

+ Provide Community Based Services and assistance for those with chronic mental illness and disabilities

+ Provide Migrant Services including counseling and shelter for those working through immigration programs

The Need

+ Endeavors needed their space to immediately welcome people and foster a sense of empowerment and security.

+ Space organization and flow had to answer for all physical abilities.

+ Research shows natural environments help improve wellness. Endeavors wanted to build with beauty and biophilic design in mind.

+ Each piece of furniture had to meet very high standards of comfort, durability, flexibility, and functionality.

The Solve

Spatial Intelligence is at the heart of SKG’s solutions. Endeavors benefitted from this branded, holistic approach to dig deeper into the mental, physical and emotional things their people need to thrive. This big picture approach guided them in desiging space and selecting furniture to elevate the experience for workers and clients.

+ Endeavors worked closely with the SKG team to promote serenity and empowerment through strategic furniture selections aligning with behavioral science needs. Together, we leveraged the structure of furniture using high backs and enveloping curves to bolster feelings of security and stability and integrated the science of wellness into design and product selections to increase positivity and happiness.

+ Across the spectrum (offices, workstations, meeting rooms, shared spaces, fitness rooms, family rooms, and more), we delivered purposeful furniture solutions customized to each environment. We focused on lightweight, durable, and ergonomic pieces to stand the test of time.

+ Endeavors managed potential supply chain issues by leveraging our Return to Site experience and warehousing capabilities which allowed them to create a phasing plan built around their return pace and lead times.

+ During punch, the scope of the job expanded as growth needs arose and working with the Endeavors team and the design firm, SKG quickly scaled solutions to get ahead of the demand.